It’s alive!

This is going to be a quick entry, since I’m on deadline today. Notes from yesterday:

1. Out of sheer curiosity, I plugged my right hearing aid into my ear and found that it was working as well as it had before the surgery. It hadn’t been much of an ear, of course; all it could hear was footsteps, thumps on a table, and the remote, ghostlike echo of my own voice. But it could still hear those things now. The surgery does not seem to have damaged its few remaining hair cells.

2. I went to a movie, The Golden Compass, and had a great time hearing it in both ears. I understood most of the dialogue, and was caught up, in a way I haven’t been before, in the wholeness of the sound.

3. I had a lot of fun playing with the balance control of my car’s radio. I found that I could tell the difference between one speaker and the other. I’ll have to get a friend to do it for me and see if I can differentiate between the left and right speakers “blind”.

4. I have, alas, misplaced the brown headpiece cover on my new processor. I know lots of Auria/Harmony users read this blog; would anyone be willing to trade one of their brown covers for one of my black or silver ones?

This coming week will have lots of lunches and meetings in cafes: an enjoyable minefield of auditory challenges. I can’t wait.


  1. Mike,

    I can always tell when my kids drive my car and change the settings on my speakers!

    Hearing in noise was one of the first things I noticed when I went bilateral. . . background noise settled in the background like it was supposed to.

    I have Cochlear. . . but if I could, I’d help you out with your cover! Maybe the cat ate it?

  2. It is so amazing the differences in bilateral. I notice the sense of direction. I can tell which direction noise is coming from. I also found my “good” ear is not the best with bilateral. I hear clearer with my “bad” ear.

    Sorry, I painted “CI Hear” on my brown cover. I will look again, it could have been the silver one. My art teacher painted and decorated my covers.

  3. I have no brown cover…I have the Techno caps. Want one of those? I have blue swirlies, green swirlies, orange, and…ah…the other color escapes me at the moment…
    I hate that you lost it. Those things are too expensive to replace, and mine fall off way too easily!

  4. Aw, that’s sweet of you all to offer me techno covers, etc! But plain humble brown is all I want.

    I did look under all the furniture to see if Elvis might have swatted it under something, but no luck.

    So I’m wearing my black covers at the moment. From behind I probably look like a character out of Star Wars.

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