The networked pill

My latest story for Technology Review, The Networked Pill, came out this morning. It’s about a company named Proteus Biomedical that’s developing a pill that tells sensors mounted on the body that it’s been swallowed. The sensors record the time and monitor the body’s responses to the medication, such as heartrate and respiration. The idea is to let physicians directly measure a medicine’s effect on the body so they can tweak the dose. Amazing stuff.

In other news, Josh Swiller is staying with me for a couple of days because he’s giving a keynote talk at the California A.G. Bell Association’s annual conference in Milpitas on Saturday morning. I’ll be there too, naturally.


  1. So that is what you meant by intelligent pills…

    That is so very interesting!

  2. Will they have different flavors/colors like jelly beans?? LOL!

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