Confessions of a Bionic Man

Confessions of a Bionic Man is the title of a Washington Post opinion piece I’ve just published in the Sunday edition of April 13th.

It starts this way: “If I were catapulted back in time to 1978, in many ways I’d find it easy to adjust. Cars would still be cars. Books would still be books. Stores would still be stores. But I’d look at people on the street and wonder, ‘How can they stand to be so disconnected? How do they make it through the day?'” Read the rest…

I enjoyed writing the story. The first draft said much more about fMRI technologies of brain-scanning, but the editor asked me to make it less science-y and more personal. So I’m saving up the fMRI material for another piece.


  1. I saw this printed on one of my email list groups before I read it in your blog.

    Great article – really enjoyed it 😉


  2. Good, looking forward to your future piece with fMRI material 🙂

    Good article by the way!

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