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OK, here’s the latest news.

I got married on October 10th to my adorable wife Victoria, and we went to the Virgin Islands for a honeymoon. It rained most of the time! So we’re going to try again, maybe, in the deeps of winter.

WORLD WIDE MIND is in advanced stages of preparation, with just a few corrections remaining to go to the publisher. We’re still discussing the subtitle. But I’ve gotten some nice blurbs for it, and you can see them by going to Amazon’s page for the book. You can even pre-order it, if you are so minded! Official pub date is Feb. 15th, though it will probably be available sooner.

I just got back from the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego, where I spent four days interviewing scientists on brain-computer interfaces for a Wired feature I’m writing. SfN is a vast conference with 30,000 people and I must have walked five miles a day just getting around.

Much other travel has been going on. I also went to Lansing, Michigan to speak to a group of audiologists, and to Santa Cruz, California to address an undergraduate class. Four airplane trips in about four weeks.

I’ve contracted with a website company to revamp my website from scratch, so expect a totally new look sometime later this year.

Much going on! Stay tuned! I update with Twitter (@MikeChorost) and Facebook much more often than I do here, so feel free to watch me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook.


  1. Congratulations to you and your wife on getting married!

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