New York Times posts a great review of WORLD WIDE MIND

When the New York Times put its review up on its website, I was so nervous I printed it out and had my wife read it to me line by line.  But it’s a great review! “Michael Chorost is not only a clear and concise science writer, but also a visionary.” Read the whole thing.

And then, if you’d like to read an excerpt from the book, the Times has posted it here.


  1. Hello, Michael. Congratulations on book no. 2! I’ve just read your website overview of World Wide Mind, which I’ll buy from a local bookstore within a few days.

    I hope you won’t mind, but I have some dumb questions. As I read your overview, I’d wondered whether psychopaths and narcissists could learn to understand that laws apply to everybody (including them) AND to feel empathy for other people and other living beings if their miswired brains were to be connected with the brains of people who can, and do, obey laws and feel empathy for others. If so, for how long would psychopaths and narcissists obey laws and feel empathy for others——for only as long as their brains were connected with non-psychopathic and non-narcissistic brains or for the rest of their lives? If the latter, would crime rates go down overall and, if so, for how long? Have you addressed these or similar questions in your latest book or elsewhere?

  2. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for talking about this issue.
    I have read it at Silicon. Also shared and commented on my facebook asking if we wouldn’t be already connected but without knowing how to activated such faculty. Technology might help but also some other kind of human development. It’s very normal reading stories about brothers or close family sensing danger. How much times are we thinking in someone and that person calls us?
    I haven’t read your book but it will be in me wish list.
    Again, thank you for talking about this issue,

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