“Funny and thoughtful, the book is an extended meditation on the nature of perception, the human brain and the relationship between technology and humanity…Rebuilt may be the first of a new genre: the cyborg memoir.”
LA Times

“By far the most original, honest, and authoritative book I’ve read on human-machine interfaces.”
Chronicle for Higher Education

“Readers will find much food for thought on the implications of medical technology and what constitutes our humanity in this beautifully written debut.”
Publishers Weekly

“Chorost’s graceful, poetic turns of phrase and dry, self-deprecating humor take what could have been a dry technological story and breathe life into it, explaining the technological component with precision while taking the reader on a real roller-coaster ride of emotion through the process.”
Library Journal

“Chorost takes us on an amazing intellectual journey as he moves from deafness to computer-assisted hearing. He asks big questions about the nature of reality, the meaning of being human, and how much we can bear to be ‘improved.’ Chorost has a fine ear for language, and writes with intelligence, wit, and not a little bit of what he calls ‘rueful irony.’ A lovely book.”
—Robin Marantz Henig, author of Pandora’s Baby and The Monk in the Garden